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Common Piano Practice Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid


Always begin at the beginning - almost all of the students would begin from the start of the song. On the other hand, the problem with these students is that they have the tendency to become incredibly good at playing the start of the piece and becomes less proficient as the piece would go on. On the whole, piano lessons will normally take you through each and every piece in a systematized manner from start to end. But then again, when you practice on your own, for a variety, why not try to practice the last line of the piece first. And when you are now able to play very well the last line, then try playing the last two lines. And keep doing this until you find your way back to the start of the song.


Practicing so fat - keep in mind, the slower you go, the faster you will learn - let us assume that there is a part of the piece that is presently tripping you off, as a result, you decide to practice it on your own. The thing you have remembered is the faster you try to play the song, the longer it will take for you to learn and you will most likely have to unlearn your mistakes along the way as you review the song. For more details about piano, visit


For this reason, be sure to go slow and give yourself an opportunity to take a mental note of each and every note, phrase or event within the section provided. And when you have clear in your mind at a slow tempo, then you can now eventually try to increase the tempo. Find piano lessons near me here!


Looking at your hands too much - as much as possible, try your best not to look down at your hands particularly if you are still learning the piece. The reason for this is that when the students when look at their hands a lot, there is a tendency to learn the piece with errors, for instance, creating small parts of the piece or trying to play it by ear wrongfully since the piece has not yet been memorized or learned and the student is not looking or reading the music sheet. As a result, mistakes will definitely be committed. And if you are having a problem with this, then try asking a family member to hold a book just above your hands so that you will not look down on your hands. Contact the best piano tutor here!